How committed are you to your writing?

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How committed are you to your writing?

Use the following scale to answer:

[0] – Not at all
[1] – Very little
[2] – Somewhat
[3] – Almost enough
[4] – Where I think I should be
[5] – Exactly where I want to be

Write down your answer, then continue to read.

Asking myself the question, I have to admit I’m at [1] – Very Little at this moment. I have plenty of excuses – I work full-time; I’m an adjunct instructor; I have a conference presentation on cloud security to prepare; I’m studying for an industry certification. It’s hard to argue I’m not busy.  However, it’s not about being busy, it’s about being productive.

The problem is that many people confuse being busy with being productive.  Myself included.


Regardless of how much I have on my plate, I want to write.  I want to finish my novel.  But if I focus on how busy I am, I’ll just get frustrated.  The key is to figure out how I can be more productive. Since there are a finite set of hours in a day, we can quickly eliminate the idea of making more time, so our focus should be on examining how we spend our time.

Which brings me back to the question – How committed are you to your writing?

Remember, I answered [1] – Very Little.  The natural question I might ask is, why did I not choose [2] – Somewhat or higher?

The question I should ask is – Why didn’t I select [0] – Not at all?

Writing matters to me and I want to finish the novel.  Writing is meaningful.  I’ve prepared to finish my first draft. I’ve made time to write and will continue to do so.

In writing the paragraph above, I resisted writing excuses or apologies. I wanted to write: Although it is not as much as I wanted, I’ve made time to write and will continue to do so. Instead, I focused on the positive.

Now, take your answer and subtract the number by one.  Ask yourself, why did you not select that choice?  When you answer, don’t apologize or write excuses.

If you’ve chosen [0] – Not at all, then what?  Ask yourself, why did you take the time to read this blog post and how does that relate to what you want?

Why do this?

This is a technique used by sales people to motivate potential customers. It requires that you think about what is, rather than what isn’t. It requires that you see yourself as capable rather than how you could be capable. It reinforces that you can, rather than think through why you haven’t.

Be productive!

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