Marc and the Ombudsman

Marc and the Ombudsman is about the journey of one man, Marc Conner, who is kidnapped from reality.  His life of using people to advance his career and satisfy his desires changes when we awakes one morning to find the world desolate, deteriorated, and almost unrecognizable.

He is greeted by a woman who identifies herself as a Rassaphore, who guides him to meet the Ombudsman.  Marc is told that in order to get his life back, he will need to complete a series of tasks.  Upon completion of each task, realities are merged and he finds himself closer to the life he remembered.

However, Marc meets Nathan, a member of a resistance group, searching for the Ombudsman.  The group is made of individuals, some secular and others religious, fighting to escape the surreal reality in which they are trapped.  Nathan unites the group after finding Marc, and uses religious artifacts and technology to set a trap for the Ombudsman.  Convinced that the group is part of a bio-medical experiment, Nathan recruits Marc to assist.

Between the Ombudsman and the resistance group, with two different agendas, Marc struggles with whom to believe.